M.Sc. Javier Martinez

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Cauerstr. 9
91058 Erlangen

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Neueste Veröffentlichungen
J. Martinez, D. Zoeke and M. Vossiek, “A Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Parking Monitoring in Urban Radar Sensing - to be published,” in Proceedings of the European Microwave Week / EuRAD, Nuremberg, Germany, Oct. 2017.
J. Martinez, K. Thurn and M. Vossiek, “MIMO Radar for Supporting Automated Rendezvous Maneuvers with Non-Cooperative Satellites,” in Proceedings of the IEEE Radar Conference, Seattle, USA, 2017.
J. Martinez, C. Zarzuelo, V. Iglesias and J. Grajal, “Broadband beamforming and null-steering based on fractional delay in OFDM systems,” in Proceedings of the 20th European Wireless Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 2014.
J. Martinez, C. Tsekrekos, I. Tomkos and B. Huiszoon, “Performance evaluation of a multi-layer reconfigurable optical-wireless network architecture employing digitized RoF,” in Proceedings of the Future Network and Mobile Summit, Warsaw, Poland, June 2011.

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