Dr.-Ing. Philipp Quednau

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91058 Erlangen

Recent Publications
P. Quednau, R. Trommer and L.-P. Schmidt, “Multi-Antenna Data Collector for Smart Metering Networks with Integrated Source Separation by Spatial Filtering,” Frequenz, vol. 70, no. 3-4, pp. 137-148, Mar. 2016.
R. Trommer, P. Quednau and L.-P. Schmidt, “Application of Selected Performance Test Scenarios on Multi-channel UHF Receivers,” in Proceedings of the GeMiC 2016 - The 10th German Microwave Conference (GeMiC 2016), Bochum, Germany, Mar. 2016.
P. Quednau, R. Trommer and L.-P. Schmidt, “A Small Size Low Cost Electronically Tunable Bandpass Filter with Integrated Bias Control,” in Proceedings of the International IEEE Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas and Electronic Systems 2013, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Oct. 2013.
R. Trommer, P. Quednau and L.-P. Schmidt, “A Multi-channel Frequency-variable Test Signal Generator for SSR Signals,” in Proceedings of the 43rd European Microwave Conference, Nuremberg, Germany, Oct. 2013.
M. Ruf, P. Quednau, L.-P. Schmidt and S. Setzer, “Applicability of the AM-PM Conversion Method to Beam Position Monitoring of Electron Beams accelerated in S-Band Frequency Range,” in Proceedings of the 10th European Workshop on Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators, DIPAC2011, Hamburg, Germany, pp. 86-88, May 2011.

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