M.Sc. Tatiana Pavlenko

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Cauerstr. 9
91058 Erlangen

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Tatiana Pavlenko was born in Neftekumsk, Russia, in 1990. She received the Bachelor and Master degrees in electronics and nanoelectronics from the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University ’LETI’, St.-Petersburg, Russia and Master degree from the Faculty of Technical Physics, Lappeenranta Technical University, Lappeenranta, Finland, in 2013. Since July 2013, she has been with the Institute of Microwaves and Photonics, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Her main research interests are MIMO antenna arrays for localization applications.

Neueste Veröffentlichungen
T. Pavlenko, C. Reustle, Y. Dobrev, M. Gottinger, L. Jassoume and M. Vossiek, “Design and Optimization of Sparse Planar Antenna Arrays for Wireless 3D Local Positioning Systems - to be published,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2017.
Y. Dobrev, C. Reustle, T. Pavlenko, F. Cordes and M. Vossiek, “Mobile Robot 6D Pose Estimation Using a Wireless Localization Network,” in Proceedings of the IEEE Int. Conf. on Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility (ICMIM), San Diego, USA, May 2016.
T. Pavlenko, C. Reustle, K. Thurn, D. Shmakov, R. Ebelt and M. Vossiek, “Design of an Optimized Linear Sparse Antenna Array for a 24 GHz Radar Tachymeter,” in Proceedings of the 9th German Microwave Conference (GeMiC2015), Nuremberg, Germany, pp. 213-216, Mar. 2015.

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